The Green Culture Train Camp - All roads lead to Montenegro - comes as an effort to reduce our CO2 footprint and slow travel by train.  

4 days before the start of the 8th edition of Green Culture in Montenegro, participants have the opportunity to join the Train Camp at one of our 7 stops along the road.


It’s an excellent opportunity to join the Green Culture movement and contribute with your own ideas and projects along the train tracks between London and Montenegro.

At our city stops we will have mini events, meetings, workshops and sessions, concerts, perfect for sharing ideas, developing projects and networking with local arts and environment organizations.

What is the concept?

We invite participants who will develop their own projects during the Green Culture Train Camp & Green Culture days in Montenegro in regards to the themes of the Green Creative Sector, Green Entrepreneurship, Green Science and Education and Green Philosophy.

Who can join?

Activists, artists, influencers, experienced change makers, storytellers, scientists, students, journalists, entrepreneurs, environment experts, businessmen, politicians . . . . are welcomed to apply for the Green Culture Train Camp with their own project ideas.

Want to be part of this unique experience?

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Green Culture World
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