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“There is a hope if people will begin to awaken that spiritual part of themselves, that heartfelt knowledge that we are caretakers of this planet” - Brooke Medicine Eagle




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Artists and cultural workers have always been social leaders and they are some of the most influential and strongest catalysts of change. When it comes to sustainability, their presence is pivotal.

KRUG Vision:

To mobilize the Western Balkan Creative Industries to be leaders in the sustainability revolution.

By providing a living example that environmental sustainability and low/zero carbon industries are post-modern imperatives, these creative sectors inspire other industries in the Western Balkans to work together towards a sustainable future.


KRUG Mission:

To engage all cultural organizations and individual artists to practice environmental sustainability. As influential innovators in society, they help raise awareness about sustainable living and promote green living standards to the wider public. Simultaneously, this develops an internal Western Balkan creative economy, promotes talent in the region and builds a network of like-minded forward thinkers.

Through these networks we aim to facilitate profound change in people’s understanding, perception, attitude and behaviour towards environmental and economic sustainability.

Green Culture is:

  • an innovative, experiential, educational and informational gathering stemming from the cultural sectors of the Western Balkans
  • a platform for exchanging experiences and network with potential collaborators in order to:
    • address the role the Creative Industries play in environmental sustainability
    • instigate a  new echelon of cultural leaders;
    • bring together regional leaders and industry experts to find solutions in the creative sector for a Clean Planet Earth.


This hands-on interactive event will bring to light the latest achievements and developments in sustainability within the Creative Industries, the business sector and newly relevant disciplines such as Mindfulness and Green Thinking. Through knowledge exchange, workshops, and creative expression, we will bring the sustainability agenda in the region to the next level.

WHY Green Culture, WHY now?

Creative and cultural industries have the power to shape society, change global behaviours, and recreate social and cultural values. Faced with unprecedented climate change and resultant environmental degradation, global creative and cultural industries are responding by challenging each of the failing systems within the perfect storm paradigm: fossil-based industries, international finance systems, and unsustainable consumerist ‘growth’ economies. The effects of human failures and the threats they pose to future quality of life have produced an explosion of next-generation solutions from within the creative and scientific industries. Western Balkan countries and localities have a place in this revolution.

In the Western Balkans, the rapid transition and development over recent years has had profound affects on local cultural, economic and political life. As growth and development are increasingly putting pressure on resources and lifestyles, there is a growing need to mobilize sustainability efforts that are already underway. We need to join together and push the sustainability agenda forward with collective force, inviting other sectors in the society to join us, as we do this year with business, academia and science.


During three days at Green Culture Fest we bring sustainability in Western Balkans to the forefront through:

  • participating in insightful presentations, stimulating discussions, and inspiring workshops, in a peaceful and restorative setting.
  • sharing knowledge, exchanging ideas and acquiring tools on how to incorporate sustainable practices into everyday work and living;
  • hearing the latest industry news from around the globe from regional and international experts and talking with them face-to-face to widen professional creative networks;
  • setting concrete goals and creating a specific plan of action for ensured progress;
  • connecting various sectors, Green Business, Green Science and Green Thinking, for an integrative approach that will bring concrete results.

All Roads Lead To Montenegro

Green Culture 2020 | 18-20 September
Hotel Splendid, Budva Montenegro
Combined online and Live event

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