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Green Culture Fest 2015 is a three-day event taking place in Montenegro in September 2015, which will gather the green community from the region and beyond. Organised by KRUG London and the Green Culture World team, the festival will offer engaging seminars, hands-on workshops and show case entertainment on Ada Bojana, an inspiring natural setting near Ulcinj.


Green Culture Fest is:

  • an innovative, experiential, educational and informational gathering stemming from the cultural sectors of the Western Balkans
  • a platform for exchanging experiences and networking with potential collaborators in order to:
    • address the role the Creative Industries play in environmental sustainability
    • instigate a new echelon of cultural leaders;
    • bring together regional leaders and industry experts to find solutions in the creative sector for a Clean Planet Earth.


The aim: The aim of the Festival is to engage the larger community around a wealth of ideas, knowledge and skills brought to the event. This hands-on interactive event will bring to light the latest achievements and developments in sustainability within the Creative Industries, the business sector and newly relevant disciplines such as Mindfulness and Green Thinking. Through knowledge exchange, workshops, and creative expression, we will bring the sustainability agenda in the region to the next level. Lasting relationships will be made, ideas, tools and contacts exchanged, all with the goal of resolving deep-seated issues related to the sustainability of our world through the lens of the creative sector.


Where and when: THE NATURIST RESORT ADA BOJANA, near Ulcinj, 10-12 SEPTEMBER 2015

There are many extraordinary beautiful places in the world. Ada Bojana is one of those special places, and it will be the host for this year’s event. This small triangular island lies at the very end of the Montenegrin coast, 15 km from Ulcinj. While the beaches and streets on other parts of the Adriatic Coast are crowded and loud during the summer months, Ada is tranquil and spacious. With a 3km long sandy beach, lush vegetation, rare plant and animal species, modest and non-intrusive architecture, and two river deltas at either end, Ada Bojana is truly a gem on the Adriatic Coast.

What better place to host an event celebrating nature, culture and creativity?