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15-16 May, 2014 The first annual Green Culture Conference in Montenegro solidifies partnerships and a commitment to sustainability in the CI’s in the Western Balkans. An eager crowd gathered in Dom Vojske in Porto Montenegro, Tivat, for the GCC kick off event. After a welcome opening by the organizer and visionary, Vesna Sokolovska, a diverse line-up of speakers brought to light important environmental, cultural, economic and social issues related to sustainability. For the list of speakers please go here

Day two brought another round of intriguing presentations, in conjunction with several workshops on fundraising and sustainable art. For the pictures from event go here.

The event was a means for exchange and networking. Participants not only gained knowledge from the input sessions, but also had a chance to share their experiences and ideas during discussions and socialising hours. As a result, valuable contacts were made, projects were supported and partnerships were established.

To name just a few: the British Council in Montenegro partnered with the Royal College of Arts in London; Cass Business School joined up with the Faculty of Economics in Podgorica; Prince Nikola Petrovic Njegos and Aleksandrina Babic found a common link for future collaboration; Julie’s Bicycles and Exit Festival exchanged plans for cooperation; Imperial College London began talks with Supernatural Festival Serbia; Green Building Council and Martin Kaufmann Philanthropy discussed potential collaboration; and the Royal Central School for Speech and Drama in London and the Drama Academy in Cetinje.

As a result of this enthusiastic response, an exciting new alliance has been created, the Green Culture Network. Through this network, a strong cohesive group of individuals and organizations can work together to bring the Green Culture mission to fruition – finding solutions and creating plans to tackle the environmental problems, while enhancing the cultural and creative capital of Western Balkan societies. The inspiration participants gave one another to continue on their missions for a sustainable future is invaluable, and with this energy we begin planning a new and exciting event in 2015 – the Green Culture Fest.

Vanja Madzgalj

Vanja Madzgalj

Director, British Council Montenegro
“For me, this was the most enlightening, the most transformational experience in years. For the people I met, the things I learnt, for the content itself…..
I am so grateful I had the opportunity to be part of this.”

Martin Kaufman

Martin Kaufman

Martin Kaufman Philantropy,
London, UK
“I didn’t know what to expect, apart from beautiful scenery and great commitment, when I took part in the Green Culture Conference in 2014. What impressed me was the combination of really high quality presentations based on enormous practical experience – in a wide variety of cultural-environmental areas across the whole of the Western Balkans – with a desire to experiment and put into practice the ideas discussed. Talking, thinking and action all together – a potent mix!”

Čedo Maksimović

Prof. Čedo Maksimović, PhD

Department of Civil Engineering
Imperial College,
London, UK
“This was a fantastic opportunity not only to present my innovative Blue Green Dream paradigm (how to both save the planet earth and engage all interested people to start acting wisely in their creation of better living conditions in a sustainable fashion), but also to meet so many forward looking, creative people from other sectors like culture, art, media with their innovative (“crazy”) ideas which can make such a big impact. Everybody’s environment can be made “a better place”. Great event.
I am looking forward to meeting all these people and to work together with them to make our dreams come through.”