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9-10 May, 2013 Cultural experts and leaders meet in Porto Montenegro, Tivat, for the first Green Culture Symposium

Local arts practitioners and regional policy makers from the cultural sectors in Montenegro met with Alison Tickell from Julie’s Bicycles and Paul Reeve from the Royal Opera House in London to promote and raise awareness about environmental sustainability in the local and regional Creative Industries in preparation for the Green Culture Conference 2014.

Local participants included representatives from the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, the Ministry of Culture, the Royal Theatre Zetski Dom, Bar Cultural Centre, the National Theatre, Montenegrin National Radio (RCG), City Theatre Budva (Grad Teatar Budva) and the Montenegrin Music Author’s Rights Agency (PAM), individual artists and media representatives. 

The guests from London were also invited to speak at a regional Rotary Club meeting in Budva. They discussed the potentials and challenges of integrating sustainable development into the Creative Industries in the region, and identified what steps are necessary to begin this process. 

In addition to meetings, they had a chance to explore Montenegro’s landscape for the first time, and were greatly motivated by the clear potential the country has to be a leader in regional environmental sustainability.

Tickell and Reeve shared their knowledge and experience with local participants, who were then able to reflect upon and discuss their vision for bringing sustainable practices into their own businesses and organizations.

 One of the main aims was to assess interest in local participation for the Green Culture Conference that is taking place in May 2014 in Montenegro. The symposium helped set up a regional hub for Green Cultural activity and enabled members of the local and global arts and cultural industry to share their experiences with their peers, broaden their horizons and spread awareness about environmental sustainability.