Green Culture Expedition, Part Two

Programme: Green Culture Expedition, Part Two

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Green Culture Expedition 2016

21-24 September 2016, Ada Bojana, Montenegro

As we’ve announced at the GCE in May, 2016 marks the 10th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of Montenegro, the only nation-state to mention the word ‘ecological’ in its Constitution. This year at Green Culture we are creating a two part diverse international gathering of leaders and activists to assess what might be ‘ecological’ about cultural policy making. The Green Culture Network aims to connect cultural activities with scientific understanding and policy decisions. What does it mean for a nation to be ecological, and why should we strive for this? This event will facilitate a set of interdisciplinary and intercultural encounters around that question.

Single-disciplinary and hierarchical approaches often fail to engage effectively with complex issues. For this the first working day of this event we will use Open Space Technology to recapitulate what was said back in May and to draw together many different voices for a second time round this year. This is an invitation to work collaboratively to help us resolve the true meaning of ‘ecological’ for Montenegro.


In this second contingent of great speakers and contributors joining our GCE Part One co-curator and Open Space facilitator Ansuman Biswas, and our co-curator for GCE Part Two Marc Buckley, the guest speakers will include Al Gore’s Climate Reality Director for Europe Zsolt Bauer, the Founding Director of the Emoto Peace Project UK and Ireland Matt Thornton, international Ecocide lawyer Femke Wijdecop, as well as local activists, and all of them will be announced daily on our Facebook page, so stay tuned… We are also holding our regular Eco kids workshop facilitated by Vahida Nimanbegu in collaboration with Jetlir Kovaçi.


We are also pleased to announce the pre-premiere of the documentary The Lost Treasure of Ulcinj, which is a story about Ulcinj Salinas told by local people of Ulcinj and by Nature itsef, directed by Gregor Šubić.


21. September

10am Hands on action: Assessing the state of the coast at the Ada Bojana resort
1.00 Yoga and The 5 Tibetans
2.00 Lunch
3.30-7.00 Free time
6.00 Tai Chi
7.00 Dinner
8.00 Welcome address and a brief introduction of GCE, Vesna Sokolovska
8.30 Film projection: The Lost Treasure of Ulcinj
9.00 Welcome Party

22. September

7.30 Yoga and The 5 Tibetans
8.30 Breakfast
10.00 Key Note, Zsolt Bauer
10.20 Bee Field update, Ansuman Biswas
11.00 Open Space introduction by the
facilitator Ansuman Biswas,

11.30 Open Space sessions
PM: 2.00 Lunch
3.30 Open Space afternoon sessions
6.30 Wrap up and panel discussion, Open Space reports writing
7.30 Tai Chi
8.30 Dinner and Free evening

23. September

7.30 Yoga and The 5 Tibetans
8.30 Breakfast
9.30 GCE Key Note Marc Buckley

Speakers sessions (speakers detals will be announced daily on our Facebook page):

10.30 Slot 1 Femke Wijdecop, Voices fort t he Earth: how to advocate fort he Rights oft he Nature
11.00 Slot 2 Patricia Pobric, Local initiatives and challenges
11.30 Slot 3 Melusine Reimers, Global responsibility, NOW!
12.00 Coffee Break
12.15 Slot 4 Naziha Mestaoui, 1 Heart 1 Tree
12.45 Slot 5 Monica Guiterrez, Basurama: Applying creativity to waste
1.15 Slot 6 Harald Neidhardt, Exponential Innovation and Meaning
1.40 Slot 7 Antonella Meli, Cross-national environmental education, Eco-kids summer camps
2.00 Lunch
3.30 Slot 8 Matt Thornton, Water, the great mistery, our lost connection
4.00 Moderated Panel Discussion 1
5.30 Moderated Panel Discussion 2
6.30 Tai Chi
7.30 Dinner

Arrivals of the children scouting group Njegos

24. September

7.30 Yoga and The 5 Tibetans
8.30 Breakfast
10.00 The Green Way of Being: Hands on Action – workshop on Zero waste by Aleksandrina Vujačić
PM: 2.00 Lunch
3.00 Eco-kids workshop creating prayer wreaths for the Planet with Emoto Water introductory workshop for the kids, open for all
6.00 Tai Chi
6.30 At Sunset: Emoto Water Ceremony, collective placing of the wreaths with the prayer messages in the water, Percussions performance
7.30 Dinner
9.00 Networking

The Water Ceremony:
Dr Masaru Emoto pioneered the way forward in reconnecting us back to water, his contribution to the development of human consciousness being positively masterful. Having conducted 100s of ceremonies around the globe with dramatic effects to the water and to the people involved. This task now falls on the HADO instructors who perform the Water Ceremony, which is a beautiful and highly impactful experience as well as deeply gratefulitude. One day as our understanding expands this will be mainstream as it was with our ancestors.