The 7th Green Culture gathering

The 7th Green Culture gathering

2018 will mark the seventh Green Culture event where we continue to merge arts~culture, green~creative businesses, science~education and philosophy in search for sustainable and heart-centred solutions to protect and preserve the only home we all share, our planet Earth.

This year we are partnering with seven new organisations and our speakers are visiting ten cities to hold talks and deliver workshops over seven days. This includes a collaboration with the Cultural Centre from Bijelo Polje and the alternative centre Restart from Budva as well as the International Philosophy Olympiad among others.
The European branch of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership project is one of our official partners and we are hosting a full day of Climate Reality leaders presentations.

The heart of our Gathering for the week will be the Ada Bojana island resort in the South of Montenegro, a secluded island with a deep green forest and long sandy beaches. The pink and purple sunsets are spectacular. It is a place of true, unspoilt natural beauty, the perfect spot for spreading our mission.

We are hosting an artist’s colony and daily yoga and meditation sessions. Massage therapists and Reiki masters will be available to offer services for a donation.

The evenings will be filled with a variety of art forms and, a world music festival with live gigs. There will be a theatre performance and film screenings. Renowned photographers will capture the significance of the event and the atmosphere using the latest drone technology.

Our music curator is producer Andy Wright (

Exciting times ahead of us!

The programme is the initial list of the planned schedule and there are likely to be a few additions to the programme, which will be updated continuously to reflect these additions.

Our venue

Welcome to Ada Bojana resort – our home 20-27th May 2018!

If you love festivals but don’t love crowds and tents join us at Green Culture 7 in Montenegro next May.

At Green Culture you will have a roof over your head and a proper bed.  Moreover you will enjoy the wonders of socialist era architecture from the early 1970’s – an utterly authentic retro experience.   Ada Bojana was built in Tito’s Yugoslavia and the minimalist bungalows, grouped closely together, give a sense of belonging, community and joy. The original avant-garde, free spirited community still return, bringing their children and grandchildren to spend time with them at the island. It is a much loved place for a fascinating group of people.

The resort recently has been modestly refurbished, but with such a loyal clientele the management of the resort doesn’t feel the need to overly impress its guests. They come back year after year for the unique atmosphere, the crystal clear water, the incredibly fresh air and the breathtaking sunsets.

This is not a pristine modern resort.  There are some issues.  For example, there is a high concentration of strong-smelling sulphur in the water.   However, the beneficial health aspects of this mineral are well known (It’s fantastic for the skin and hair).  There is no swimming pool, but the clear waters of the bay are an incredible experience.

Our venue is situated on the island of Ada Bojana, which sits on a delta of two rivers merging into the Adriatic Sea. It has a scenic approach – wooden bungalows on both sides of the river, inspired by the original fishermen’s huts, and with large fishing nets acting as a huge arts installation. Every year a horse riding club is based at the resort for the summer, and they offer sunset rides by the calm sea waters.

The sandy beach is 3 km long and during the season the sky is filled with windsurfing kites and all kinds of summer sports – a festival of colours like sky lanterns.

Because of its beautiful natural setting we are hoping to help develop Ada Bojana into an eco-arts centre which will offer artists residencies in solar panelled/wind turbine powered buildings. This is also going to be our home for the residential Green Culture Global Academy starting next autumn.

Whatever you make of it, it will open new perspectives and you will be moved by the experience.  We look forward to seeing you in this magical place next May.

Our audience

Green Culture is a platform for exchanging innovative, educational experiences and a network of collaborators from the cultural sectors of the Western Balkans and around the globe. We bring together regional leaders and international industry experts from all fields who embrace the global sustainability agenda into their philosophy and convey their knowledge to the wider public to inspire action.

WHO is coming?

Among the others we’ve had:
Activists. Artists. Ambassadors. Beekeepers. Businessmen. Creatives. Cultural Leaders. DJ’s. Dancers. Environmental Experts. Entrepreneurs. Educators. Fashion Revolutionaries. Festival organisers. Film Makers. Biomimicry Specialists. Green Builders. Hydro Engineers. Journalists. Kiters. Climate Leaders. Light Workers. Musicians. Muses. Ministers. Naturists. Oceanographers. Professors. Royalty. Radio Presenters. Students. Dark Matter Scientists. Tree huggers. Urban Foresters. Volunteers. Writers. Yoga Teachers. Zoologists

WHAT is Green Culture?

A-an: Gathering. Open Space. Fest. Knowledge Retreat. Summit. Think Tank. Platform. Movement. Connecting Space. Creative Network. Speakers Corner. Eye Opener. Hard Facts Provider. Green Power Engine. Enabler. Values Explorer. Brain Picker. Depth Searcher. Educational Space. Direction Giver. Quality Validator. Wisdom Sharer. Coming Home to Yourself. Extraordinaire Finder.

WHY they attend?

Network. Share ideas. Learn. Exchange experiences. Express concern. Look for solutions. Brainstorm. Talk to leaders. Meet cool people. Have Fun. Be among the likeminded. Feel free. Support the mission. Share your wisdom. Stay tuned. See what other people do. Get inspired. Energise your mind body and soul. Be amazed by the surroundings. Create a cleaner future. Contribute to a hands-on immediate action. Make your say for something that matters to you. TAKE ACTION and Make a difference.