Our Vision

We are creating an international multi-sector platform in the Western Balkans that adopts sustainable measures and collaborates to find solutions to today’s most pressing economic, environmental and socio-political problems. The Creative Industries are the leaders of our mission. As influential actors in society, artists and cultural workers are in a prime position to educate and influence the public on these pressing issues.

We connect four sectors, the Green Creative Sector, Green Business, Green Science and Green Philosophy, to take a main lead in finding sustainable solutions and communicating them to the wider public. By starting in small communities a ripple effect will unfold, sending the message throughout the region and beyond.

We envision:

  • A world in which everyone takes care of the planet, takes responsibility for their actions and makes their decisions based on what is best for the environment and society as a whole.
  • A society in which we don’t even have to discuss environmental protection because it’s so deeply engrained in our basic values,
  • A creative sector which starts to develop and plan projects with an overview of the its impact on society and the environment,
  • The prevalence of conscious businesses which strive to serve, produce and thrive sustainably, as well as develop deep, meaningful relationships based on these strong values,
  • Science and the arts working together to creatively present sustainable solutions to global problems in an inspiring and realistic way,
  • A world of collaborative co-existence in which everyone prioritizes sustaining the planet, the only home we share.