Welcome To The World Of Green Culture

Our Mission is to

  1. engage all cultural organizations, individual artists and businesses to practice sustainability*. Artists and cultural workers have always been social leaders and influential innovators. Thus, their role, in raising awareness about sustainable living and promoting green living standards to the wider public is pivotal.
    *whether referring to economic, environmental or social, sustainability for us means the capacity to continue a particular behavior indefinitely with wide positive impact.
  2. create a platform for a likeminded community of individuals, companies and organizations to provide a living example that environmental sustainability and low/zero carbon industries are post-modern imperatives.
  3. help develop an internal Western Balkan creative economy by linking different sectors in society (culture, business, economy, science), which promotes talent in the region and builds a network of likeminded forward thinkers,
  4. facilitate profound change in people’s understanding, perception, attitude and behavior towards sustainability, and inspire new leaders from the region to lead the way and effectively communicate sustainability to the public.

In more detail, with the Green Culture mission we’d like to:

  1. shift collective consciousness about individual responsibility in society and human impact on the planet, understanding the consequences of ignoring this burning issue,
  2. shift attitudes towards caring about the environment, making it an integral part of our value system,
  3. link different sectors in society (culture, business and science) to work in synergy with one another, therefore reaching a wider audience and making a bigger impact on people’s attitude and behavior towards the environment,
  4. empower, educate and inspire the next generation of environmental/sustainability leaders, giving them the right tools and communication skills to accomplish great things for the right reasons,
  5. continuously raise awareness of the environmental, economic, and socio-political challenges of our day through the powerful channels of the Arts and Culture and,
  6. celebrate our accomplishments and have fun!