Alison Tickell

CEO Julie's Bicycle, London, UK

"We are really pleased to be collaborating with NGO Krug and the Green Culture project. The environmental movement is taking culture by storm right across Europe and needs strong, committed and international partners. In NGO Krug and the Green Culture project, Julie's Bicycle has a collaborator which represents a region of critical importance both for its environmental and its cultural significance."

Some of our Collaborators :


Vanja Madzgalj MBE

Director, British Council, Montenegro

For me this was the most enlightening, the most transformational experience in years. For the people I met, the things I learned, for the concept itself. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be part of this unique event.

Christopher Repley

Professor of Climate Science of University College London (UCL)

"Through our actions, individual and collective, humans alive today will determine the climate of the planet and conditions for life for thousands of years. Green Culture assembles a unique mix of bright minds to explore how crucial choices can be influenced and our common humanity harnessed. This is not a question of science, economics or politics, - it is a measure of what sort of people we are."

Fiona McCluney, (Green Culture 2018 speaker)

UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative for Montenegro

"We haven't seen this kind of profile of scientists on climate change before in Montenegro"

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